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Systematic List (62 to 92)

  1. Pallas's Fish Eagle Haliaeetus leucoryphus A big surprise was of a fine adult soaring with a few vultures and Steppe Eagles a few kilometres below Mirik on the journey back to Bagdogra from Sandakphu on 29/11. Although still quite high in the hills the Teesta river was in view and it seems likely it had drifted up from somewhere along the river.
  2. Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus One immature seen near Mirik on 29/11.
  3. White-rumped Vulture Gyps bengalensis Singles at Gorumara and on the Mahakal Trail, and seen on the Sandakphu trek. A few also with the other raptors seen near Mirik on 29/11.
  4. Slender-billed Vulture Gyps tenuirostris One seen at Lulagaon on 24/11 and one on the Sandakphu trek at GAR on 28/11 were presumed to be this species as opposed to Indian Vulture Gyps indicus.
  5. Eurasian Griffon Gyps fulvus Six seen on the Mahakal Trail and other sightings from Sandakphu, including 16 on 28/11, mostly at the summit in the early morning.
  6. Crested Serpent Eagle Spilornis cheela Singles of the nominate race recorded at Gorumara, Chapramari and Bamunpokhri.
  7. Eurasian Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus Seen at Phulbari Barrage.
  8. Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus A migrating ring-tail was seen at the Sandakphu summit in the early evening of 27/11.
  9. Shikra Accipiter badius Just single sightings en-route in the lowlands on two occasions.
  10. Eurasian Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus A typically dark above melaschistosbird was seen in the valley from Rishyap.
  11. Northern Goshawk Accipiter gentiles One bird, presumably the same, seen near Lulagaon on both 23/11 and 24/11.
  12. White-eyed Buzzard Butastur teesa One seen en-route, not far from Gorumara, on 23/11.
  13. Common Buzzard Buteo buteo One at Gorumara and one at Sandakphu summit, which spent several minutes in a hovering hunting flight.
  14. Black Eagle Ictinaetus malayensis Two different birds were seen at, or near, Lulagaon, one in the valley from Rishyap and one in the nearby Neora Valley National Park.
  15. Steppe Eagle Aquila nipalensis Late migrating birds seen at Lulagaon on both 23/11 and 24/11 and on the Sandakphu trek, where there were 21 on 28/11, with another six in the hills below Mirik
  16. Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos After hearing an unexpected report of seven at Sandakphu on 27/11 we saw four birds (two adults and two juveniles) there the following day. There are very few, at least recent, records for West Bengal and these sightings suggest a small migration.
  17. Bonelli's Eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus One immature seen at Gorumara on 22/11.
  18. Mountain Hawk Eagle Spizaetus nipalensis Singles seen at Lulagaon on both 23/11 and 24/11 and at Neora Valley on 25/11. The Neora Valley bird was seen in flight and perched briefly before 6 am.
  19. Collared Falconet Microhierax caerulescens Good views of one at Gorumara and one at nearby Chapramari later the same day.
  20. Common Kestrel Falco tinnunculus Single birds were seen en-route in the lowlands on two occasions, with one also seen on the Sandakphu trek.
  21. Little Cormorant Phalacrocorax niger Records en-route from Bagdogra, at Gorumara and the Mahakal Trail and at Phulbari Barrage.
  22. Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo Two seen at Gorumara on 22/11.
  23. Little Egret Egretta garzetta Small numbers seen in the Gorumara area and en-route in the lowlands.
  24. Great Egret Casmerodius albus Seen at Phulbari Barrage.
  25. Intermediate Egret Egretta intermedia One in the Gorumara National Park on 22/11 was the only sighting.
  26. Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis Common in the lowlands but not recorded at higher levels.
  27. Indian Pond Heron Ardeola grayii Common in the lowlands but not recorded at higher levels.
  28. Black Stork Ciconia nigra Four were seen in the Gorumara National Park on 22/11.
  29. Lesser Adjutant Leptoptilos javanicus Two birds seen in flight at Gorumara and one at Chapramari.
  30. Long-tailed Broadbill Psarisomus dalhousiae Very good views of these spectacular birds in Gorumara on 22/11 and at least 12 on the Mahakal Trail on 23/11. They are presumably relatively common here.
  31. Golden-fronted Leafbird Chloropsis aurifrons Birds, of the nominate subspecies, seen at Gorumara and the Mahakal Trail, with one singing bird also in the hills below Mirik.

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