Purulia Initiative : Bhalopahar

Bhalopahar, a voluntary society for culture, ecology and rural development, was established on 1st September, 1996 with the primary objective to popularize a way of life that is located in the common ground between a rapidly disappearing folk culture and an emerging modern sensibility. It draws from the best of both to seek a synergy between man’s links with ecology, his cultural heritage in the folk traditions of the land and his modern present.

This fledging organization has undertaken the very ambitious task of restoring greenery to the fast receeding ecological horizon in Purulia and in the process given a fresh lease of life to both the indigenous people on this land and the people who came together to initiate the project.

Fact Sheet

A valley surrounded by the oldest mountain range in India, the Dalma mountain ranges. The property has it’s private 50 acres deep forest shared with flora and fauna of the Chhottonagpur plateau.Nature lovers can discover 300 species of plants and trees lovingly tended. The complex has two single and five family

Rooms. Rooms are furnished for minimum comfort in style with common toilets and baths. A wood stove dhaba style kitchen. Hot piping local or regular simple Indian cuisine available round-the-clock.


  1. Swing lazily on hammocks strung in isolated cluster of trees
  2. Lose yourself in an Alice in Wonderland
  3. Chase behind with rabbits Pick up books and periodicals from the Library
  4. Browse through the painstakingly accumulated collection of folk songs
  5. Collect bird feathers
  6. Watch butterflies in flight
  7. Cycle or walk through lanes in Tribal villages
  8. Cycle or walk to Duarsini Wilderness Camp
  9. Have a rewarding river trip to Satgurung
  10. Go for a day-long Jeep safari to Sutan- Ranibandh- Kuilapal NatureReserve-Mukutmonipur


Bhalopahar can be approached from Jamshedpur/ Ghatshila/ Jhargram/ Ghaludi rail stations. Alternatively can be approached by overnight buses that start from Kolkata Maidan.

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