Our Initiatives in Arunachal Pradesh Region - At a Glance

Apatani Plateau Initiative, Ziro, Central Arunachal Pradesh

Apatanis are,perhaps the most well-settled of the indigenous tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh who have stayed behind and chosen to practice old tradition and custom as way of life even after the British left their land.Moving from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a more settled agricultural economy,harnessing the murmuring river Subansiri .Apatanis, living in perfect harmony with nature-for every tree they fell, five fresh saplings are planted, are appreciated for their long conservation tradition and their legendary skill and knowledge of weaving.

ACT is about to initiate a Community Tourism demonstration model with local partners to highlight and preserve the unique cultural and conservation tradition of the Apatani tribal people and mobilize public opinion and International support to get it World Heritage Site nomination.

Tangsa Community Conservation Reserve Initiative, Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh

Changlang district has been internationally recognized as a Global hotspot biodiversity. Changlang contains some of the state's most intact forests and large mammal habitats. One of India's flagship National Parks Namdapha is located in Changlang and contains some of the richest biodiversities in the World. Changlang's eastern border is contiguous with Myanmar's Kachin state and the newly declared Hukaung Tiger Reserve. There exists vast tracts of undisturbed forest in the South-West of Namdapha which contain migratory elephants and tiger corridors as well as meta-populations of primates, hornbills and large cats. This area is currently unprotected with extremely low human population and deserves conservation initiatives. The region is also potentially at risk if the nearby Stilwell road is opened for massive and large-scale development takes place in order to enhance commerce between India and Myanmar.

ACT in association with Inner Asia Conservation-a leading USA based conservation NGO, have proposed that a roughly 900 Sq.Kms protected area be declared the Tangsa Community Conservation Reserve. The choice of Conservation Reserve as opposed to National Park or Wildlife Sanctuary has been carefully considered in recognition of the needs of the local communities living on the periphery of the proposed reserve area.

The Tangsa CCR seeks the long-term preservation of forests and wildlife in the region without further constricting the lives of the local people in the region. In order to offset any losses to local people ACT-IAC will jointly undertake alternative income generation schemes which directly benefit the economic and physical well being of the people living in and near the proposed reserve. Initial schemes will include health, education and other social upliftment projects and Community based Ecotourism.

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